Facebook Timeline Design, Custom Tabs, and Page Management:

Welcome to New Facebook (like New Coke, but without the riots). Timeline has been thrust upon you, and there’s no going back. okbird’s got you covered when it comes to navigating the new stuff, designing brand-consistent layouts, posting relevant ads, and creating content and campaigns that make you stand out. Whether you need custom Facebook tabs or a paid advertising campaign on the popular social media network, we’re on it. Along with blogging and website SEO integration, your social media presence can help get you found by search engines, and ultimately, your audience.

Twitter Layout Design and Page Management:

okbird loves twitter, what with the birdie camaraderie and all. And, as expert tweeters, we can manage your account with well-timed, relevant content that will bring all the tweeps to the yard (ahem, browser). Plus, we’ll put your 140 characters to use with engaging campaigns that invite your followers to interact more personally with your brand. Getting your brand noticed has as much to do with whom you know as what you know. So, tracking down the right followers and tuning into relevant industry conversations on Twitter is another great way to improve your online presence and search engine ranking. #keepitfresh

Pinterest Poster Designs and Page Management:

The holy grail of categorized visual inspiration, Pinterest is a great place for many businesses to share their viewpoint and build on their brand image. okbird is here to design custom “pinnable” posters for your profile and keep your page fresh and organized. We incorporate your logo into the pins we upload, tag them to show up in searches, and link to associated pages of your site. We repin what matters and find key influencers to follow. It’s just another exciting way to stay abreast of your industry conversations and maintain relevance online.

LinkedIn Personal and Company Profile Customization:

Whether you’re looking to get your business a LinkedIn page or anxious to spruce up your personal profile and better represent your company, okbird can bring your LinkedIn up a notch. Although LinkedIn may seem like an enhanced online resume, it is really a wonderful place to connect, communicate, and even showcase your products or services to other professionals. okbird can help you integrate a portfolio of your work on your own profile or itemize your offerings on a company page. Plus, we can regularly post relevant articles and original content on your page to keep followers in-the-know about what your company and your industry is up to.

Google+ Business Page Setup and Management:

What appears to be the black sheep of the social media family is actually a rather strong contender for improving your online presence. While Google Plus may still be lagging behind in popularity compared to the infamous Facebook, the benefits of implementing a G+ business page are irrefutable. The active community of G+ users is an influential bunch. Aside from simply being early adopters, G+ users have been armed with the powerful “+1” tool. This allows people to share or endorse content, and every +1 you receive is a public stamp of approval for your brand. Since the +1 button now appears across the web, it offers a chance to improve your content’s credibility and boost your SEO. So, while we’re waiting for the rest of Facebook and Twitter to hop on the G+ bandwagon, there’s no time to waste getting your business page up and running. okbird can handle the setup and management of your page, and you can relax knowing you’re on top of the social media game.