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Candy Carpenter, Panhandle Eye Group


Shannon Martin, Texas Blue Lake Pools


David Rittenberry, Owner, Riverfield's, Amarillo, Texas

"ProPay takes care of ALL my payroll needs, so that I can use my time to run the business. It is so easy, I just call my payroll in and they do the rest, even deliver my checks to me. They file all my payroll taxes, my W2’s and reports. All I have to do is provide them with the information, and they make sure everything is taken care of. I don’t worry about deadlines, they do!! Ah-h-h."

-David Rittenberry, Owner, Riverfield's, Amarillo, Texas

Eric Crawford, D.D.S., Amarillo, Texas

"Using the services of ProPay Payroll System is an economical decision for me. The savings I benefit from in employee time and on the purchase of software, that I would have to purchase, make it all well worth the reasonable fee. I have three full time employees and one part-time employee. For the past ten years it's been so convenient to have ProPay do all the calculations and compile the reports for my employees' payroll. They make it so easy. I call in the information to their office and they deliver the checks and reports right to me.  No one even has to leave the office for the entire process. I am really pleased with their service."

-Eric Crawford, D.D.S., Amarillo, Texas

Shannon Martin, Texas Blue Lake Pools

"We’ve been using ProPay’s services since 1994. Propay has everything organized for us, combined with confidentiality and the time saved has really helped us run our business. The fact that we have been using ProPay for over a decade should tell anyone that their quality of service is worth a look."

-Shannon Martin, Texas Blue Lake Pools

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