Online Advertisements and Banners:

Those marketing messages around the border of your browser? They’re about more than a product shot and a brand name. And Google AdWords Sponsored Links require more than just trial and error to deliver positive results. We know what gets clicked and what gets kicked – and we’re not about to waste our time or yours on stuff that will be ignored.

Creative email marketing campaigns:

Want your fans, clients, employees, and prospects to receive updates on your company without conking out halfway through your emails? okbird’s e-newsletters keep it modern and relevant to make your messages appealing. We offer everything from email templates that you can update yourself to fully customized email campaigns that get your audience engaged with your brand. okbird uses email marketing and email list managers like Mailchimp and iContact to send and track HTML e-newsletters so that you can choose who gets what and find out how your messages are converting. There’s nothing like instant feedback to help fine-tune your messaging and perfect a campaign as you go along.